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Picking a Playlist is Too Stressful... 
We've Got You Covered!

You’re throwing a party and running behind as always. The doorbell rings… Shit, I forgot to put on music! You greet your guests and make small talk. The entire time you’re thinking the room feels empty — what the hell am I going to play? It’s stressful. You go to Spotify, and it’s overwhelming. Trying to pick a crowd pleaser that fits the occasion leaves you stumped. You want the right vibe without being too loud, too soft, too boring, too fast - we could go on.  

When helping throw bashes, I always get asked the same question - “what’s a good Spotify playlist?” Here are a few of our favorites depending on your mood. 

Chill Hits

Smaller Group that Doesn’t Want the Typical Pop Hits

This is a great playlist if you’re just having a small group that wants to spend time talking. There’s a few faster songs, so that you’re not falling asleep. It keeps the vibe chill with unique songs that you won't necessarily find on the radio. To be honest, I listen to this playlist in the background while I'm at home. It’s one of my favorites. 


All Out 00s

Your Crowd Pleasers for Millennials

If you’re a millennial and love NSYNC, Lady Gaga, or Maroon 5 — this playlist is made for you. You’ve got a mix of hiphop and pop, including some songs you won't remember until you hear them. Who doesn't love a good Britney Spears throw back? You’ll be jamming out while also reliving your middle school and high school dances. 

Backyard BBQ

Outdoor BBQ Bash

I know this choice was super straight forward, but here's a not so secret-secret tip for Spotify. Searching for the specific occasion almost always works! Give it a try. This is a summer loving playlist that will make you love the USA. A collection of old classics from Fleetwood Mac and Van Morrison are great for sipping a cocktail on a patio. You'll win your guests over with these classic crowd pleasers. 


Songs to Sing in the Shower

Crowd Pleasers that Will Get Everyone SiNGing

This one is just FUN. You’ve got all the good ones - Elton John, Cher, Taylor Swift, The Killers. It’s a great playlist if you want people to sing along and keep the vibe poppin. Guaranteed to hear “I love this song!” all night long. 

Pop 4 Kids

For Your 9 Year Old Birthday -

This is an easy go to for a kid’s birthday party where they want to feel cool, but you don't want to hear the F bomb. The younger ones will enjoy this poppy playlist full of the radio hits.


Find us on Spotify and stay tuned for another round of jams for the holiday season. 

Sophie + Toastworthy

Sophie Stich