Meet Toastworthy

First — yes, we serve champagne out of a vintage Airstream and, yes, it is just as enchanting as it sounds. Toastworthy is for the worth-it moments. We raise our glasses to the firsts, to the good times, to the grand occasions, to love, to enjoying life.


The Toaster

Our pop-up venue, known as the Toaster, is an original 1965 Caravan Airstream refurbished as a full service bar. From our experience, a glamourous bar can be a gathering place for community and conversation, far more than a simple transaction. So with a modern aesthetic and functional minimalism in mind, we designed the interior of the Toaster to be a welcoming and open space for bartenders and guests alike. We gladly add a little pop to any celebration, raising our glasses and refilling yours.

Late Night Scolling

Toastworthy began as a side hustle for our founder, Sophie Stich of Stich Your Solutions, and has since become a full-scale celebration brand. A former marketing guru for sweetgreen and SoulCycle, Sophie mixed together her expertise in hospitality and love of champagne to create Toastworthy. The idea was sparked from a very productive late night instagram rabbit hole — “Why not have a pop-up bar on wheels?” After months of more late nights, brilliant ideas, business proposals, and an ambitious Airstream renovation, Toastworthy was officially ready to toast!


Rolling around the DMV

We are proud to call DC our home and are currently toasting and rolling around the greater DC area. Since 2018, we have had the honor of hosting showers, corporate events, holiday bashes, family gatherings, photoshoots, and wedding receptions. We are proud to help others celebrate the moments in life that are worth toasting, and we are always ready to raise our glass. We look forward to toasting with you soon — cheers!