Where do you travel?

Our Start Toasting package includes travel within a 20 mile radius of Washington, DC. That doesn’t mean we’re not up for a road trip! We’re happy to travel anywhere on the East Coast. Feel free to shoot us a message and we’ll let you know what the travel cost would be for your bash.

Do you only serve champagne?

Our beloved Toaster is super versatile and can be used as a full bar, a photo booth, a food service station, and undoubtedly many other things we haven’t thought of yet. And we’re partial to champagne, of course, but we love when our hosts get creative with the menu: wine, cocktails, margaritas, dessert bar, Mexican soda– you decide!


What’s your BYOB policy?

While our Airstream was designed as a mobile bar, we are a rental service for decor at events. We don't sell any food or alcohol, but we're the "vehicle" to offer a unique experience.  

We provide all the bells and whistles (and wheels) for your toast, except the food or alcohol itself. Since we travel across state lines, we do not have a catering license. We serve whatever is provided by the host/caterer/venue. As always, though, we are happy to share our latest discoveries and irreplaceable favorites to make your bash stand out.

Do you work with venues/caterers?

Yes way rosé! We partner with venues/caterers, and they provide all of their food/alcohol for the event. We can provide bartender/servers, but we are also more than happy to have their team serve from our Toaster. Let us know if you’re looking for other venues/caterers to partner with — we have a strong network in the DC area.


Why do you need to be on private property?

Licenses and laws are tricky. For now, we only are able to pop-up on private property. If you’re unsure, shoot us a message. We’ll help you figure out where the Toaster can roll up.


So, are you a food truck?

We think of ourselves as a pop-up bar, but we’ll let it slide. Food and drinks can be served. We also have used The Toaster for photo-shoots, a pop-up nail salon, and more! The Toaster is a beautiful space and we’re happy to work with you to create a sparkling moment at your event - whatever that may look like!


Do you do events without the Toaster?

We know that the Toaster is a little big, so we’ve got options for indoor or smaller spaces. We do event styling and bar set-ups to bring the Toastworthy Pop-Up to you wherever you decided to party. Learn more about our rental options here.

Give me all the deets about the Toaster!

The Toaster is a 1965 Caravel Airstream. It is the second smallest model Airstream has ever made. The dimensions are 8 feet wide by 11 feet tall by 17 feet long (and believe it or not that’s tiny). Think of a pick-up truck but taller!

We worked with an awesome company in Helena, Ohio — P and S Trailers. They are awesome craftsmen who totally refurbished the interior into the amazing pop-up bar.